People’s inboxes are full, but their in-trays are empty

In today’s digital age, it is increasingly hard to reach the people we want to do business with. There is so much ‘digital noise’ out there that competes for our attention – not to mention our hearts and minds – has reached epic proportions. With 88% of UK adults now online and typically spending around 24 hours a week online*, is it any wonder that messages get lost in the digital space.

People are also exposed to thousands of ‘brand’ messages every day, so what chance does a single marketing message have?

In business, some of us receive 100 or more emails in a single day, all demanding our attention. So, even if a sender or subject looks remotely of interest, once it’s disappeared from our viewing window, then it’s probably lost forever. This is supposing that an email reaches our inbox in the first place, but deliverability is another subject altogether with spam filters becoming more sophisticated. And of course, GDPR-compliance has made email marketing more challenging for marketers.

Printed direct mail – the comeback king.

A message that is remembered is more likely to inspire action and an interesting report from Royal Mail/MarketResearch indicates that mail is remembered 49% more than email and 35% more than social media advertising. Data from JICMAIL (The Joint Industry Committee for Mail) which delivers industry-standard audience measurement data for mail) shows that 31% of all addressed advertising mail leads to a commercial action such as visiting a sender’s website or making a purchase.

Printed mail also scores heavily over email as it delivers the important sensory experience of touch. When did anyone last say, “that email felt good to the touch?” The same can be said of sight. Of course, emails can include graphics, but this doesn’t compete with print finishes such as foils, soft-touch laminates, glossing and embossing, beautiful stock or intriguing folding techniques – which of course integrates with touch, thereby doubling the sensory pleasure. If it’s relevant, and you add fragrance to a direct mail piece, you also hit the sense of smell. When did you last smell an email?

Use printed mail to boost other marketing channels.

Some of the big brands and high street retailers have recognised that digital marketing alone isn’t driving enough sales, let alone a good return on investment. So, they have returned to printing catalogues, brochures and mailers to engage with customers in the comfort of their home or office whilst driving sales through website or in-store visit. Mail has a strong interaction with other channels, which means it could help to boost overall campaign effectiveness. We are returning to the habit – and probably pleasure – of reading material in a more relaxed state, as opposed to scanning and scrolling through emails, which could fast become a chore.

Bypass those inboxes and become a master of direct mail.

Or employ direct mail specialists to design, write and deliver attention-grabbing, heart-warming, action-making messages that will cut through the noise, drive engagement with your audience and connect with them in a way that is engaging and makes the recipient feel valued. Someone has taken the trouble to write to you personally – it’s hard to put a value on the feeling you get from receiving something in the post that is personally addressed to you, is relevant to your business or interests and makes you feel valued.

Remember, people’s inboxes are full, their in-trays are empty. Your message could be landing in that in-tray NOW!

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