Why use a Local Marketing Agency?

As a small business owner, you have many responsibilities. You’re the CFO, CEO, COO, and HR manager all wrapped into one. Because of this, it’s easy to let the marketing side of the business fall through the cracks. All of these roles make it more difficult to fixate on mastering your marketing efforts or perfecting your strategy. That’s why you need a local marketing agency!

Generally, when it comes to digital marketing you want to make sure that your company is being represented in the best possible light. Consistent branding throughout all your marketing material is vital. We are a local marketing agency based in Swindon, UK. Our decades of marketing experience along with our vast industry expertise has now allowed for our employees to increase their capacity. The Lunn Agency has been representing both small and large businesses for years through consistent branding across a variety of marketing platforms. From websites and social media accounts to paid ads and search engines, The Lunn Agency can ensure your brand is always deemed reputable and professional.

If you’re thinking about hiring someone else to handle these tasks, then it makes sense for you to ask yourself why? The hiring process is long-winded and expensive. Also, employees will often get lazy overtime or inexperienced from the beginning. And, it is highly unlikely they will have all the skills in the marketing armoury.  Recruitment costs combined with salaries are often a lot more expensive than simply outsourcing to a local, Swindon-based marketing agency like The Lunn Agency!

Go Local, Go With Reputation

As mentioned previously, a good reputation and consistent branding is crucial. Reputation is an important part of your business’s overall brand. This is how your consumers perceive you. Firstly, it’s important to stay on top of your Google and Trustpilot reviews. If your customers are leaving positive reviews then acknowledge them, if your customers are leaving negative reviews then understand their pain points and answer them with helpful information. These small steps will help your business to grow and make sure your reputation is positive.

When choosing your marketing agency, look for similar values to yours in their reviews.  Make sure that they have a great reputation, or at least find an agency that puts its customers at the heart of its decisions. Check to see if their Google reviews are filled with positive experiences. Also, it’s very difficult to fake Google reviews, especially when compared with other review websites. Websites such as Yelp, Google+ Local and Google My Business are all places where customers post reviews about local businesses.

Also, a local business with local reviews show how valuable a business is to their community. The Lunn Agency is a local business, based in Swindon and we care about our customers and their businesses. We are a team of people who have been working together for many years and have helped hundreds of local businesses grow. When you choose to purchase local services, you’re more likely to have a better experience than opting for a global scale business with template marketing strategies. We work with companies situated anywhere in the UK and our presence in Swindon, Leicestershire, and Derbyshire is very strong. If you’re researching for a marketing agency then contact us and we can give you a free, no-obligation quote.

Local Marketing Agencies Understand The Local Area and The Local Residents

Local businesses have a lot of advantages over national chains. A local business knows the local area and its people, because they live there. Also, they will typically know the local news and topics, which are helpful for marketing purposes when events are arising in your area.

A local company, such as a local marketing agency is a part of the community. They have a vested interest in the community, and they have a long-term view of it. It is also likely they have family and friends within that area. When you use a local business, such as a marketing agency, you’re buying from someone who knows how to market to your area better than anyone else. That means that if you need something specific or customised, your local business is more likely to be able to provide it than a national chain.

Local Businesses Are The Experts In Their Local Area

Local businesses are experts in their local area. They know what’s going on and what to talk about. They know the terminology that people use, and they can use it in conversational marketing copy. As a small business owner, it’s important to stay on top of local news and events to keep your company relevant. Local businesses have a natural advantage here because they already have an understanding of what makes this community tick.

Lastly, local marketing agencies know which areas to target. We know where your customers are likely to live and work, the best times to advertise and more. Local agencies will be in touch with what kind of event would be right for your business. The bottom line is that a local marketing agency will be able to target your customers in the most effective way. A local business has more insight into what people need and want, and they’ll be able to deliver it.

Faster Response Times With Local Marketing Agencies

When there’s something wrong with the product or service provided by a local company, that company can respond faster because they’re close. There are limitations to a global-scale company such as slower responses and differences in time zones. Local companies have the edge over larger companies who might not know about problems until days after they happen. Marketing errors need to be cleaned up fast! Any marketing material that is published incorrectly could damage your brand and therefore your reputation.

Finally, general consumers are often more willing to give their money over when they know exactly where it will go. People want to know they can trust the people running the business they are working with. Having a local business means that the money you spend will stay in your community, which helps it grow. This can mean more jobs and more opportunities for you as well.

Local Marketing Agency, We Have A Vested Interest In Your Success

A local business will be more invested in your success than a national company. Typically, global giants are only interested in making money or making moves that affect their brand positively. A local business will want to help you grow and succeed as it reflects more on their work and because they know what it’s like to be a smaller local business owner.

In addition, a local business will also have extensive knowledge of their community, which is essential for marketing yourself effectively. They are able to understand the target market and connect with them on an individual basis so they can better serve your needs as customers or clients.

Financial Advantages

There are many financial advantages to purchasing local marketing services. First of all, when you purchase local services, your money stays in the community. A community filled with friends and family members. This means that financially it can be used for other purposes that benefit the people who live there. In addition, when you buy local products or services, you aren’t contributing to other countries or states where labour is cheaper and regulations are less strict. From a moral standpoint, you aren’t supporting cheap overseas labour.

Keeping Your Money In Your Community

As mentioned previously, if you’re a consumer, using local businesses is a great way to support your community. Supporting the local economy and community helps ensure that your neighbours are able to provide for their families. It also keeps money in the area, so when you spend at a small business, it will stay in your town or city instead of going into the pockets of large corporations.

Cost Savings

Choosing to work with a local marketing agency instead of in-house can save you money in several ways. The first way is by reducing costs. A local agency will provide their services at a lower cost than what hiring employees would cost. Recruitment can be costly and then you are putting your faith and money (salary) into someone who would potentially take a lot longer to learn your industry.

The second way a local marketing agency can help you to save money is by increasing sales and revenue. We know how your industry operates and therefore we can generate sales at a quicker pace. This money can then help to offset the expense of having a salaried employee. 

The bottom line, if you’re looking for someone who’s going to help grow your business while also saving time and money, then choosing a local marketing agency may be just what you need. We can help you to reach your goals and start growing your business. We offer a variety of services that will help you to succeed in this competitive world. Our services include search engine optimisation, online reputation management, social media marketing, pay-per-click, brochure designs and much more. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Local Marketing Agencies Are More Creative and Resourceful

Local businesses are more likely to come up with unique ideas, especially if they are small businesses. They understand their local community better and can use this knowledge to effectively market your business. A local marketing agency might suggest a localised marketing campaign. This might involve the use of printed marketing materials such as business cards or flyers that include coupons for free goods. For example a flyer that promotes an offer for free coffee or pizza at a nearby restaurant.

A local marketing agency isn’t afraid to try new marketing methods. We aren’t held back by large corporate restrictions such as traditional marketing techniques that have been around forever, like brochures or other printed forms of advertising. This means we can experiment with innovative methods of advertising that big companies won’t touch. Generally, larger companies won’t touch any traditional marketing methods or localised campaigns. A local business similar to The Lunn Agency absolutely will do this for you. This is good news for you as it means there are hundreds of ways available for your small business to get noticed in its local area. Localised marketing campaigns provide access to a different audience that you may potentially be used to.

A Personalised Service From A Local Marketing Agency

Our services are personalised to meet your business needs. We offer a higher level of customer service than can be found at most marketing agencies. Also, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best experience possible. We truly care about your business.

Our professionals are well-trained, friendly, and ready to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about your marketing plans for your business. Our services are also highly flexible. We know that every business is unique, so we aim to provide a range of options for you to choose from as you work together on your marketing plans. This means that you have the freedom to choose what works best for your company and its goals in order to reach success. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, please contact The Lunn Agency today for a free consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you!


A local marketing agency can help you grow your business to new heights and help in finding new customers. The best part? You don’t need to be a big company or have a huge marketing budget. Any successful business needs to start with a good foundation, and working with a local marketing agency is one of the best ways to do that.

If you are looking for new and innovative ways to reach your customers, I would highly recommend reaching out to your local business owners. They know the area, they are business owners just like you, they are very interested in helping their fellow business owners and they understand small business finances.