Content marketing for the Building Products Industry.

building supplies

One size doesn’t fit all when targeting the right audience. This common marketing mantra of knowing and targeting your market, distilling and clarifying your message and delivering it in the right media is a sound bedrock for many companies, but this gets complex for manufacturers and suppliers of building products. Why? Because the purchasing and […]

Is Content Still King?

Content King Digital Marketing

Yes.  And no.  Marketers are still saying that content is king, and they aren’t wrong, but there has been a shift in what this really means.  Creating content in isolation might feel like the right thing to do, but what is happening to that content.  Is it being used to drive traffic, sales enquiries, new […]

Surviving Covid-19 with Digital Marketing

digitial marketing during COVID-19 outbreak

It’s never been easier to access online content. The internet is at our fingertips on our smart phones, tablets and computers.  In the current climate, with restrictions on movement imposed by Governments across the world due to the Covid-19 virus, we are relying on websites, streaming services and social media platforms to keep us informed, […]

Make a good first impression

In our digital world, printed communication has undoubtedly taken a back seat, with less importance being placed on everyday stationery items. Why? We are at a loss to understand why the humble, but oh so powerful, stationery item is being relegated to the subs bench. After all, when you meet someone for the first time in […]

People’s inboxes are full, but their in-trays are empty

In today’s digital age, it is increasingly hard to reach the people we want to do business with. There is so much ‘digital noise’ out there that competes for our attention – not to mention our hearts and minds – has reached epic proportions. With 88% of UK adults now online and typically spending around […]

2019 The Year of the Peacock

It’s that time of year when the exhibition calendar starts to countdown and you realise that you’ve not even started the dreaded “TO DO” list. But don’t do what you’ve always done, raise the bar a notch or three and make a pledge that this year you will be the Peacock, not the shrinking violet. […]